Adventure Awaits You!

September 2, 2023

Good morning lovelies!

Adventure Awaits You!

Road-trip! Where to next? I have caught the travel bug. Wanting to explore new places. Meet new people. Have new experiences.

Like Alice in Wonderland, sometimes we become to big for the spaces we’ve created for ourselves.

It’s time to create new adventures. We are meant to expand, evolve and grow. The discomfort of change is better then the discomfort of staying the same, playing it safe.

Like the actor behind the curtain, anticipating stepping on to that stage, what awaits them is an exhilarating experience of unlimited possibilities that don’t happen until you step on that stage. The applause that awaits you for taking a chance on yourself to dream bigger, take risks, take that trip, write that book, change careers, break out of that unhealthy relationship…fill in the blank.

Get out of your head and step into the story. Nothing happens without you taking action. Book the ticket for next year for that trip you’ve always wanted to take.

That’s what I did at 5 in the morning…this girl who had a fear of flying. It was the best decision I made following my bliss. The hunch, the still small voice that whispers…do it.

So much of life’s adventures await you.

Just do it. Love S❤️