A Woman In Search of Her Word

May 23, 2024

I recently watched an old favorite movie and book of mine “Eat, Pray, Love” and one of the moments was when the main character’s friends asked her “What is your word? “ And she responded eventually “I am a woman in search of her word”. I loved that! It got me thinking, “What is my word?” That word that in your season in your life sort of gathers you in one place and grounds you. Makes sense to you. Resonates for you deeply that only makes sense to you. It’s like when someone calls your name. You respond because you know your name. It’s your familiar. I’ve had many words that helped me move through different seasons of my life. I think we always will have a different word for different moments in our lives. For me “Peace” was my Word for a long time. Finding peace in my life both inwardly and outwardly. Right now the word “Profound” seems to linger. Also the word “Curiosity”. Profoundly curious about life, how to interact with it, and with others, and how I want to impact and be impacted by it all. Hmmm…I just love words and how they make you think, connect, and perhaps see things differently. I love the idea of always being a woman in search of her word. Because it keeps me in a childlike state of wonder, not being bound by the world and what it says I should be or do. It excites me because if you think about it it’s like a treasure map that takes you on a new adventure of self-discovery. I don’t know, I just think God thinks that is pretty cool when we open ourselves to adventure because he’s like the tour guide who knows all the things and can’t wait to share it with us if we would just sign up. And just like that..when you’ve gone on your adventure, you’re new word shows up. You place it in your heart pocket of growth and inwardly smile. Oh, the yumminess of A Woman In Search of Her Word. Do you currently have a word that you’d like to share and what it means for you? I would love to hear it! Love S❤️