Latch Key Kid

May 19, 2023

Good morning lovelies.

Were you a Latch Key Kid? ???? (???? of two of my minions.)

As I’ve been recuperating from this cold bug it’s given me time to reminisce of the days as a latch key kid.

Depending on when you were born you would know what I mean. There was something about my era where we didn’t have internet, we had to write down directions to peoples houses.

The era of sitting and waiting all day for our favorite song to come on, hit record on our tape recorder so we could learn the lyrics by writing it down after recording it. It was such a huge accomplishment but normal. ???? There was something so authentic and organic about how we grew up. You ran outside barefoot to your neighbors house and played out all day until your mom called you inside to eat. We fought in real life, played ding door ditch and silly prank calls on our long cord phones.

Yes we’ve made advancements in technology that give us quicker access to things etc. and there is a lot to be grateful for. Yet sometimes being so dependent on electronics and social media can make you feel more disconnected then connected.

I can say I am grateful for having been raised in our era. We were to me it seems the last of a generation of kids that could survive on our own by letting ourselves in our homes after school, running outside, sweating, jumping, catching bugs, playing hide and seek, going on adventures on our bikes and just figuring life out.

What they called the good ole days.

Love S ❤️